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Entry to First Nations

March, 1976...Sioux elders say the winds always howl when the body of a murder victim is moved. During the traditional wake and funeral given Anna Mae Pictou Aquash the week-end of March 12, 1976, a storm peaked, sending 30-mile-per-hour winds blasting across the desolate fields and shaking the rickety Jumping Bull Hall where the wake was being held. The unseasonal thaw that three weeks before had led tothe discovery of Anna Mae's body had given way to bitter cold. The corpse awaited its second burial bound in blankets and robes, resting on a log pole bier inside a canvas-covered teepee near the rickety building known as Jumping Bull Hall. Indian youths took axes to the government-supplied coffin and burned it in a bonfire outside.

Above the funeral bier hung the AIM flag and a photocopy of a newspaper picture showing Anna Mae Pictou Aquash chained waist-to-waist with Kamook Banks after their arrest in Oregon. Sacred flags of yellow, black, white and red, representing the four winds, hung around the bier. On top of it were the presents of cigarettes, tobacco, beaded clothes and moccasins that Anna Mae would take to the other world.

The suspicion remains that Anna Mae Pictou Aquash was killed by an AIM member, who was convinced she was an informer and murdered her in a desperate attempt to stem the flow of information to the FBI and protect the hunted leaders. There was no precedent for such treatment of informers in the organization, but according to one observer, "If ever there was to be a first, the time was ripe for it."

"These white people think this country belongs to them - they don't realize that they are only in charge right now because there's more of them than there are of us. The whole country changed with only a handful of raggedly-ass pilgrims that came over here in the 1500s. And it can take a handful of raggedy-ass Indians to do the same, and I intend to be one of those raggedy-ass Indians." ...Anna Mae Pictou