[Today is 2/2/04. It is now 8:28]

In the days immediately prior to Anna's trial there has been much discussion about the "why" of Her ravage and assassination.

Arlo Looking Cloud

I do agree that the "why" of Anna's ravage is of consequence.

However, the *most* important issue to address is holding those who actually perpetrated the ravage accountable...dragging them into the Light!

This does not only mean nailing those who raped and beat Her so badly that 10 teeth were knocked from Her mouth...followed up with a bullet to Her head.

This does not mean feeling sorry for He who failed to do his "assigned" assassins duty and passed the gun to another.

While the why should be a second step, *who* ravaged Anna is the immediate issue to be addressed.

We see self-hating white men like Ward Churchill, Jordan Dill, and others who are seemingly infatuated romantically and mystically with being Indian...

I note that there was not one peep abt the JoAnn Tall declaration concerning VB calling her an informant. Now, why might be be?! This when he found it worth his trouble to address lowly me in a public declaration. Why, that?

HEY VERNON!!! Get off your Fat Cat AIM ass and address JoAnn's advice! No one passes you posts from alt.native?

I say again that the AIM Fat Cats who gave the word to those who raped, beat and drove Anna to that spot where she was pushed from this world are about to have their day in the Light.

This trial is not about the *why* but about the who!

I say to Leonard and (lover) Dennis, "Do you know who ravaged Anna?" I am sure you do. And, you say you will not give up your Brothers!!! You disgrace yourself and The People:

"Anyone who thinks that stepping forward for Anna Mae Pictou-Aquash is wrong, must, by association, believe that a young Indian mother's life is expendable. If strong, indigenous women had not stepped forward, those who murdered Anna Mae would never have had to answer for her death, and those who conspired to kill her would have continued to profit from her name, adding insult to injury, and making a mockery of the justice her daughters seek." Indigenous Women for Justice

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