Not(?) Getting Away with Murder

AIM Fat Cats, Anna and the Light

Today is 12/20/03.

We see self-hating white men like Ward Churchill, Jordan Dill, and others who are seemingly infatuated romantically and mystically with being Indian to the point that they are willing to fraudulently take on the identity of being Cherokee. Both of these individuals have white grandfathers and grandmothers, and consequently, white mothers and fathers. Our investigations have shown that these misinformation specialists have much more sinister motives. Jordan Dill declares that he is the editor of Native American Village on the Internet. Would you agree with me that if there is to be a Native American Village Website, the editor should be a real Indian?...Vernon Bellecourt, November 2003

Hello Vernon!

Thanks for your mention.

As you know, we have never spoken to each other. You have placed me in good company with Ward Churchill and Glenn Morris (many others too) though, I think. Thank you.

Anna at Wounded Knee II
Anna at Wounded Knee II

Just in case you have never heard (or paid attention?), my name is Jordan Stanley Dill, first son of an English Father and an Irish/Tsalagi Mother. I am undocumented, non-carded, beholden to none, independent and solely obliged to Honor the First Nation dictates of my Mother. I am soon to be 61 years old.

I need no one to certify me and need no one to embrace me. Certainly not you or your investigators! Perhaps in this you were joking?

Why Anna?

As to the AIM, I have great respect for It and those who truly serve. About this, I believe, there can be no doubt.

Nevertheless, I am firmly convinced that high ranking AIM members prompted the trigger puller. The trigger puller, his/her associates, and those who gave them their direction must be held accountable. That one now says he sat in the car while the other sent the bullet into Anna's head does not matter. Nor does is matter that Theda is feeble and ill. All responsible must be dragged into the Light so as to pay for the pillage of Anna:

Arlo Looking Cloud, now 49, apparently stayed in the car when the death sentence was passed. It is alleged that John Boy Graham was in the room with those who passed sentence, and that he executed Anna Mae in the Badlands of Pine Ridge while Anna Mae was on her knees praying.

Graham continues to insist he is innocent.

One shot was fired from a .32 revolver, and the killers left. Still alive, Anna Mae crawled for a distance, curled into a fetal position and died from gunshot trauma and the cold.

As to Leonard's advice that The People have:
...the capacity to deal with our own problems and mete out the appropriate punishment, according to the offense...Leonard Peltier, December 2003
...I say to him (again!) and to you and yours, in this respect The People have sorely failed. We are soon to see if this failure is because of involvement of the AIM in Anna's ravage.

Where to go from here?

Vernon, Arlo, John boy, Theda, Dennis, Russell et al? The wheels are rolling.

That those wheels are driven by the DomCult is your fault.

Get ready.

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