Today [June 21, 2004] Anna's remains are being laid to rest. Laid to rest on Her reserve. Laid to rest where Her Nation can hold Her close to their collective bosom.

Today is also a day of triumph for us all! Not the day, but, still, it remains a day filled with Joy. The end of Anna's most recent Journey which started on April 22, 2004:

"Anna Mae Pictou Aquash began her journey home this morning. At the Little-family cemetery in Oglala, South Dakota, members of Anna Mae's family gathered to carry her back to the Mi'kmaq Nation, to the warmth and security of her family and people - to be near their hearts, for inside their hearts is where her spirit has always been. The Mi'kmaq language and songs greeted Anna Mae as she entered the daylight, the family ceremony freeing her from 28-years of darkness. Anna Mae will return to the earth in her homeland, in Shubenacadie on the Mi'kmaq reserve, Nova Scotia."...Anna Mae Begins Her Journey Home

Today almost did not happen. John Graham tried his best to disrupt. Or, rather, his handlers tried their best:

"At a court hearing in Nova Scotia at 9 a.m. today, Graham's attorneys succeeded in acquiring an injunction to stop Anna Mae's funeral. The Pictou-Aquash family are attempting to have the injunction overturned so that they can bury their loved-one with dignity, and so that all of those who have gathered on the Mic-Mac Nation to pay their respects to Anna Mae have not traveled to Nova Scotia in vain."...Accused Killer Seeks to Stop Anna Mae's Funeral

Anna's family was forced to try and preempt Graham and they surely did so:

"DNA tests on the body of Anna Mae Pictou Aquash indicate there isn't enough evidence from her body to tie anyone to the slaying of the American Indian Movement activist. The scientist and four other experts concluded "it is impossible to identify any male DNA from material from the pelvic area" because that part of the body "is completely void of soft tissue," James told The Associated Press, quoting from the letter."...Anna and DNA
...the injunction was lifted.

At the end of today eyes and thoughts will turn North. North to John Graham.

Plans are being made to welcome him here. To welcome him to his confrontation with Destiny.

With Graham will come the AIM Fat Cats. Those who gave the Soldiers their Orders.

Shining the Light on all those responsible for the beating and rape and execution of Anna will bring the final Peace.

Beware Fat Cats. Beware John Graham. Another Day is Coming!

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