photo of found in the woods of vermont by jsdill
"my name is wasichu. i know thee, i have found thee, & i will not let thee go."
0949 est, october 11, 2004
barnard, vermont

Shouting into the Wind:
Just as the Doctrine of Discovery which underwrote Wasichu's possession of this continent was based on fabrication, so to is the belief that the First Nations can expect justice under the sword of one who considers himself to be a Conqueror. To expect justice from an Overlord who considered/considers the First Nations to be "essentially a simple, uninformed and inferior people," (United States v. Sandoval) who are "...semi-barbarous, savage, primitive, degraded and ignorant" (Clinton-Newton-Price) is to shout into the wind.
We Must Do The Necessary Thinking For Them:
Some time ago I began to wonder what the basis, the "legal" basis, was for the way Wasichu relates/related to the First Nations. The colonization process, for anyone interested, isn't hard to track down, but the legal whys, generally aren't considered - not unless one happens to be a lawyer.
Today [June 21, 2004] Anna's remains are being laid to rest. - June 21, 2004:
Today almost did not happen. John Graham tried his best to disrupt. Or, rather, his handlers tried their best...
Not(?) Getting Away with Murder - AIM Fat Cats, Anna and the light - December 20, 2003:
...I am firmly convinced that high ranking AIM members prompted the trigger puller. The trigger puller, his/her associates, and those who gave them their direction must be held accountable.
Amherst, Anthrax and Remembering The Past - October 30, 2001:
As the clean up continues [post 09.11.01], a spore-forming bacterium has taken center stage. Bacillus anthracis, front and media center. Media specialists, postal employees and Washington politicos are under this gun. Bio-warfare big time in the U. S. of A.
Patriots(?), Those Guys, Carnivore and the Blinding Of Justice - November 15, 2001:
"United we stand?" In the rockets red glare? On who are the rockets, now, raining? How discerning is "that" rain? Who is "we?" Where is it that "we" are standing?

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